You always hope that while driving your 2019 RAM 1500 or Jeep® Cherokee around the Roseville, MI area, everything goes off without a hitch. Every so often, however, your vehicle may experience an issue. That’s where dashboard warning lights come in handy.

While dashboard warning lights are extremely valuable and provide plenty of useful information, it can be hard to understand what they all mean without constantly looking at your owner’s manual. Luckily, we at Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM are here to help.

When it comes to deciphering the warning lights you need to keep an eye on, there are a few guidelines you can follow. You can instantly see how serious a light is by its color. Your white, green, and blue lights are informational and don’t usually require immediate action. Yellow or amber lights can be a bit more serious, but aren’t always an indication that something is wrong; lights that are yellow alert you to everything from low fluid levels to malfunctioning systems. If you see a yellow light, consult your owner’s manual to determine the best course of action.

Red warning lights are important, and you should address the issue immediately. If you see a red warning light, it’s best to stop driving as quickly as possible and take the necessary measures to get your vehicle serviced. Luckily, when it comes to expert service, we’ve got you covered in our car service center near Clinton Township, MI.

Symbols to look out for include a battery for electrical systems, a thermometer for temperature issues, a deflated tire for improper tire pressure, and a circle inside parentheses for brake issues.

If you see any warning lights that indicate you need to service your vehicle, visit us at 25800 Gratiot Ave. We’ll identify the issue and efficiently repair any part or component.