Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM encourages our clients to get their vehicles regularly serviced. If you’ve been neglectful of your car’s health, April is the perfect time to bring it in for a tune-up because it’s National Car Care Month. Here is why consistent car care is so critical.

It Keeps Your Engine Properly Lubricated and Running Smoothly

One of the most important routine maintenance checks that you can perform on your car is an oil change. This service may seem unessential, but it’s actually vital for the life of your engine. The oil helps to lubricate all of the moving components in your car’s engine and keep it running seamlessly. If you don’t get your oil changed, your engine could overheat, seize up, and even fail to work.

Keeps Systems Functioning to Keep You Safe

From your car’s ignition to the cooling system, there are numerous small parts that work together to provide you with a running vehicle. Ensuring that all of your car’s systems and parts are working properly promises that your vehicle will keep you safe and secure while out on the road.

It Saves You Time and Money

While it may seem that the money you dish out for routine car maintenance adds up, it actually will save you from having to spend money on costlier repairs.

If your Dodge vehicle or Jeep SUV needs a tune-up, bring it into our service and parts center today. Our certified technicians will get you back on the road in no time in a properly maintained vehicle!