The chilly season of winter is right here with us. And with that comes icy roads and slippery conditions on the roads, which means it is time to drive with enhanced caution and care. Due to a sturdy exterior, eight-speed automatic transmission and powerful V6 or V8 engine, RAM trucks are able to withstand uncertain weather conditions with ease. Yet, it is essential to adopt careful driving practices from our end. If you are looking forward to finance the new 2019 RAM 1500 truck, our Roseville Chrysler dealership in Michigan will attend to your purposes with a smile.

Winter driving tips for the 2019 RAM 1500 truck:

  1. Slow is the rule of thumb – While driving in icy and snowy conditions, it is extremely important to go slow. No matter what action you perform- steering, turning, lane changing, driving or braking, it is necessary to go slow. Do not brake abruptly or change lanes at a higher speed.
  2. Avoid simultaneous actions- In order to avoid skidding, it is essential to avoid simultaneous actions such as accelerating and changing lanes, turning and accelerating, braking and turning.
  3. Maintain greater distance- Icy and snowy conditions demand larger front and rear distance with other vehicles. Maintaining this safe distance can prevent any collisions due to uncertain conditions. It poses as a safe margin for everyone on the road.
  4. Keep the headlights on- As snowy conditions hamper with visibility, it is important to keep the headlights on. Cleaning headlights, clearing ice, snow and water as much as possible and inspecting their performance before starting can help in a great way.

Practicing extra caution will ensure happy experience with your RAM trucks in the snow. Explore the rich inventory of new and used RAM trucks at our dealership. We take pride in serving our customers in Clinton Township, Roseville and Saint Clair Shores with new and used cars for sale, along with a fully equipped service center.