At Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we understand that once the grueling Michigan winter breaks, Jeep enthusiasts have a hankering to be outside for some mudding adventures. But before you take your off-road journey, here are a couple of mods to turn your vehicle into a mudding beast.


Your tires are one of the first major components of your Jeep SUV that you need to change out before you tackle swampy, uneven terrain. Swap out your street tires for off-road wheels that have wider, deeper tread and larger lugs.


It should come as second nature to a mudding veteran to always install heavy-duty shocks onto their Jeep vehicle, but newbies may overlook this important detail. Standard shock absorbers will ensure a smooth ride on a paved highway, but you need super shocks for the unbeaten trails you plan on driving.


It’s vital to increase your car’s clearance so its underbody doesn’t hit every ditch or hole you come across. Lifting your Jeep vehicle will also keep water out of the engine and other vital mechanical parts.


Your mudding monster needs to be equipped for the messiest terrains, and it also needs to see. Off-road lighting adds great visibility and will grant you a wider field of vision if you’re driving in the rain. Halogen or LED lights are both great options.


If you end up getting stuck, a winch will become your best friend. When mudding with other buddies, a winch is an important item to bring along.

It’s essential to prepare your Jeep for mudding in order to have a fun time!