Many potential car buyers do not do more than the most perfunctory test drive of a new vehicle. In fact, 50 percent of Americans spend only spend 30 minutes or less behind the wheel on a test drive. But with so much new technology and safety features on today’s new Chrysler models, a thorough test drive is more important than ever. Here are some tips for your next test drive.

Do Your Homework

Before you even arrive at the dealership, you should know what models you want to look at and take for a spin. Take note of the special features and safety amenities the model offers.

Before You Drive

Walk around the car and take a thorough inventory of its exterior. Look for scratches, dents, rust, or missing pieces. New cars can be damaged during shipping and test drives, so be wary.

When you get into the cabin, ensure you’re comfortable. Can you easily get in and out? Do you actually fit in the seat?

While Driving

Be sure to drive the car in different road conditions, including stop-and-go traffic and open highways. While you drive, take stock of how smoothly and powerfully the car accelerates, how well the brakes work, and the fuel economy.

The Right Fit

Before you drive the car back to the dealership, try parking it. If you live in a city or have street parking, you want to make sure you can comfortably parallel park the car. Notice how it handles during tight maneuvering.

Test driving a car allows you to be more informed about the vehicle you are buying. If you have any questions after a test drive, our team at Mike Riehl’s Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM are more than happy to assist you.